8-2 Journal: Vision and Change Reflect in ePortfolio
September 15, 2021
8-1 Small Group Discussion: Final Project Preparation/Workspace
September 15, 2021

Biblical Theology and Systematic Theology have a significant role in the total theological development within Evangelical Christianity. The unique features of both will be appreciated and the contributions each makes will also be better understood by comparing and contrasting the hermeneutical principles involved with each. Research into understanding these two fields of study is essential.
Prepare a research paper, 3-4 pages, that compares and contrasts the hermeneutical principles of Biblical Theology and Systematic theology as found within Christian literature and theology. You must first determine a definition of each for your own understanding and research of the topic.
Address the following elements below in your writing.

1. Define both Biblical and Systematic Theology.
2. Give examples of Biblical and Systematic Theology.
3. Explain how the two together can have a role in developing our theology, in other words, Why are both necessary?
4. Explain the value of both as they pertain to Dispensational theology.

Provide at least two academic resources, avoid excessive quotations but cite appropriate resources for the reader to reference.
Scholarly academic resources using APA 7 format.

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