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April 20, 2021
April 20, 2021

I have attached 5 papers, Please write a comment for each paper separately that could give feed back to the paper. Please write each comment separately to each paper in a comment format such as this:

Ranveer, I really enjoyed reading your paper, I think that the topic of cryptocurrencies is very interesting especially in our current climate. After reading your draft, it seemed like you have done a good job explaining how cryptocurrencies actually work, and you showed how adding cryptocurrencies to a portfolio would essentially reduce the amount of risk. Therefore, you did a good job outlining the benefits of cryptocurrencies. However, though, I would encourage you to also write about the cons of cryptocurrencies.

I think that explaining more broadly the risks of for example bitcoin, and then presenting counter-arguments to those arguments will make your paper more convincing. Additionally, I think that talking more about the stability of cryptocurrencies throughout history and future projections based on their history will make your paper even stronger. I think that the growth of crypto compare to different securities would serve your final draft well.

Overall, I learned new things by reading your draft and I wish you good luck with the final draft!.

Each comment should be 2 paragraphs or 3. Please don’t write this in an essay format

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