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July 23, 2018
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July 25, 2018

What difference can I make in my future pharmaceutical profession?
Pharmaceutical profession where the pharmacists are working on typical and complicated methods for deriving various medications and try to use their knowledge and practical bares for discover new compounds. What difference can I make in my future pharmaceutical profession?

It is a highly skilled part of humanity which is going to deal with the overall living society.
As far our basic knowledge about pharmaceutical science depends on the ancient part of our Indian scientists known for their treatments “CHARAK SAMHITA & SHUSHRUTH SAMHITA.” We can see that various medicines were made at that time to cure very typical and severe disease like cancer, diabetes and various human disease.
We are comes as far that now a days using the chronology we are able to find out a typical Important Pharmaceutical Ingredient-IPA using various analytical techniques.
Further going to our daily routine our society is habituated with various medicament which is good for knowledge but taking it daily cause various side effects and other problems & now a days new diseases are coming up due to changes of global worming and our human life style causing more and more sickness on our body.
You can see various foods like hot-dog, pizza, burgers and pasteurized products and fermented products are cause damage on our health on eating long time period.
Also in various slum areas there are very people living with diseases but now a days government taking more and more responsibility towards educate people and try to reach from developing to developed country.
There are main points by which I can help to increasing future pharmaceutical profession:
1. Educate Individual:
Give basic knowledge about our life style to individual basis including slum areas.
2. Helping Poor People:
Including rich people who have enough money should advised to use it to helping to develop slum areas.
3. Responsibility:
Taking responsibility for which working area I choose.
4. Helps to identify new compounds:
Using various ancient drug preparations I can help to finding new compound to cure cancer, diabetes, hepatitis.

At last but not least I want to say that we all Pharmacists give our all possibility and help to cure all disease and make our nation free from diseases because serve for nation is first before serve for yourself.

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