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June 23, 2020
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June 23, 2020

This task is designed to help students analyze and understand how price setting and go to market (distribution) are interrelated and affect the profitability and growth of the business. It has been designed to be a short overview of purpose: the concepts of pricing and distribution are complex and a general understanding is what should be absorbed in one week of study.

Assignment Steps
Resources: Marketing Plan and Outline

Construct a minimum 700-word plan for setting price and a distribution model (place/distribution) in Microsoft® Word. This plan should address at least three elements (from the Price and Place/Distribution list below) of the Price and Place/Distribution section of the marketing plan.
Price and Place/Distribution:
Distribution Strategies
Channels, Mass, Selective, Exclusive
Positioning within channels
Dynamic/Static Pricing Strategies
Channel tactics (Pricing)
Daily pricing, promotion pricing, List pricing
Note: Charts/graphs/tables do not count toward the word count.

The plan will be a continuation of your global or multi-regional business you chose in Week 1 ( I chose Nike, so you will have to use this company too)! This will be incorporated into your overall marketing plan for Week 6.
Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

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