Diversity and Equity
January 14, 2022
January 14, 2022


The MLS Program Director was approached by the University to have MLS students participate in a health fair. This health fair will be staged over multiple days with extended hours and the lab booth must be properly staffed during all hours of the health fair.

The Program Director has put you in charge of organizing a schedule which will ensure appropriate coverage at the health fair by all 24 students in the UC on-campus MLS class.

After posting the schedule you are approached by 2 students who inform you they will be out of town and unable to participate for their scheduled times.  Fortunately, you have 2 other students volunteer to cover their open timeslots.  However, during the health fair, you have 3 other students that either failed to show on their assigned shift OR were 2 hours late, which required other students to work beyond their scheduled shift to maintain coverage in the booth.

Discussion Post: 

1) How will YOU inform the students about the schedule and their role in the health fair?

2) Explain the communication approach you will take to ensure all students participate equally in this health fair assignment.

After the health fair is completed and the feedback is generally positive from attendees, the Program Director asks you to evaluate the students.

3) Using the rating table on attendance (Table 7-6, 4th Edition, page 178) in the Harmening text, apply OR create more specific and different criteria. List your criteria and explain your choice for EACH of the student groups in the bulleted scenarios below:

Group 1: The students that participated in their booth assignments on time and on schedule
Group 2: The students that did not participate but gave you a heads up
Group 3: The students that were scheduled but did not show up as assigned or arrived very late
Group 4: The students that work their scheduled slots and volunteered to cover the open spots
Group 5: The students required to work the extra hours and complained about it the whole time

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