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September 15, 2021
Application of Theory to Organizational Mission, Vision, and the Christian Worldview
September 15, 2021

Find an article, preferably written by an RN or about RNs, to which you can relate an experience that has to do with aesthetic knowing or a socio-political issue. Dont forget to cite it and reference it, and provide a pdf of it.
  Examples of socio-political or socio-economic knowing, just to get you thinking; you are not limited to these:

Nurses and political action (for example, ANA or CNA initiatives, Board of Nurses’ changes/decisions/debate including the current BSN offering at community colleges)
Healthcare delivery (for example, access, national healthcare, international differences, Colorado’s new APN law, disparities between populations, the move to community-based delivery of healthcare, policies proposed by our newly elected government, …)
Healthcare economics (for example reimbursement per TJC or CMS, costs, profit vs non-profit,…)
Informatics in healthcare
Read your selected article and post a summary of that article.  Can you relate to the issue? How?  Stories are the most appreciated!
For one Peer response, if your initial post was a socio-political issue provide a peer response about aesthetic knowing (even if it doesn’t relate to their post).  And vise versa: if your initial post was about aesthetic knowing then provide a peer response to a post about a socio-political issue
            ——So i would like 1/2 page sociao- politic and 1/2 page socio-economic and have one reference for each  APA format. And i will need the PDF file for the references.

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