Module 2 – Case Point of Dispensing During Disasters
March 13, 2018
What, if any, should be the boundaries of criticism in music journalism?
March 13, 2018



Use research articles to discuss the topic as shown during the tutorial (in class, see presentation on Moodle)
Paragraph 1: Causes of anorexia athletica Paragraph 2: Symptoms of anorexia athletica Paragraph 3: Treatments of anorexia athletica Conclusion
?A. Your work should be word-processed and submitted in the following format: • writing (body text) in a 12-point font,
• double-spaced text,
• a word count at the end of the text.
B. All coursework material should be communicated clearly to the reader and be presented to a professional standard.
• Writing should be arranged in paragraphs with either a clear tab or an extra line space marking each new paragraph.
• You should use grammatically correct sentence structures.
• Writing should be “fluent”, i.e. it should be easy to read “out loud” with no missing words, words in the wrong order or awkward constructions. (This means that careful checking is needed.)
• Spelling and punctuation should have been checked.
1- Use appropriate scientific databases.
Google Scholar Pubmed ScienceDirect Sportdiscus


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