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March 15, 2018
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March 15, 2018

960: Advanced underwriting
Coursework – assignment 2
Submission rules
Before commencing work you need to fully familiarise yourself with the Coursework assessment guidelines and
instructions, including:
• Maximum word limit for assignments (3,200 words)
• Font type and size to be used in your assignments (Arial – size 11pt)
• Rules relating to referencing third party work
• Penalties for contravention of the rules relating to plagiarism and collaboration
• Deadline for submission of coursework assignments
• Outline of the marking criteria applied by markers to submitted assignments
Important notes
Ensure that you have:
• Answered all parts of the question in sufficient depth
• Answered the precise question as worded – marks will not be awarded for irrelevant material
• Correctly referenced all sources shown on the reference list in your answer
• Checked your word count to ensure it is not too low as this might indicate that you are not answering in sufficient depth
and will affect the marks allocated for components in the mark-grid. A word count that is too high may lead to lack of
• Reread your answer to ensure your description of the context is not too long as marks are only allocated for answering
the question
• Reread your answer to ensure it is logically structured and that you have added value by making sufficient conclusions
and recommendations
Assignment 2
Provide a brief context for an insurer or reinsurer, or a division of either, with which you are familiar. For this insurer or
reinsurer, or a division of either:
• Identify one significant class of business currently underwritten.
• Explain three significant risk exposures for this class of business.
• Explain three important pricing components for this class of business.
• Analyse ways to manage these risk exposures and pricing components to improve the profitability of this class of



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